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Boys in Ballet

Benefit #1: Improves Physical Fitness

Ballet is an all-around exercise that challenges all your muscles, so you can bet your boys will come out of every ballet class stronger, more flexible, and with a better sense of balance. The best part? Boys can also carry over the skills they’ve developed in class to extend their athletic performance in other sports.

Benefit #2: Promotes Self-Expression

Teaching children to handle their emotions so they can let them out in healthy ways is a skill that can benefit them for life, especially when going through a rollercoaster of feelings as a growing teenager. Just like girls, boys need to learn how to recognize their emotions so they can address them in a healthy way.  By developing their emotional maturity at a younger age, boys can handle life’s punches with greater confidence and peace of mind. After all, ballet is one of the most beautiful outlets of expression. 

Benefit #3: Explore More Opportunities

Despite the fight for gender equality in different areas like the world of dance, the fact remains that the stage sees more women than men. While the doors are open for boys to take the limelight as ballet dancers, less competition leaves more opportunities!

If your boy ends up falling in love with ballet, then they can take it seriously as they refine their skills and have more chances of snagging college scholarships, better roles on stage, or even the potential to start a professional career as a ballet dancer!

'My high school football team was a perennial powerhouse in Iowa. During my sophomore year a ballet instructor talked the head coach into ballet lessons for the players, of which there were a hundred. The biggest and the toughest took enough lessons to perform a small piece before the rest of the students. Everyone agreed that the lessons made them better footballers.' ~ Tom Mullen 

Boys Ballet with John Bishop
Tuesdays 4-5pm, Ages 7+

Difficulty paying?

One of the values of Port Townsend Ballet is affordability.  Right now, boys can take the Tuesday Boys Class for only $5/class!

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