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Behavior Policy

Print and sign.  Return to the front desk of the studio.

Traditional Ballet Etiquette

  • Port Townsend Ballet is committed to providing excellent dance education.  This requires an atmosphere of respect and focus.  We want each dancer to have fun in class but it is very important that students prioritize respect and kindness.

  • Students must be in proper class attire/uniform in order to attend class.  If you don’t know what the attire is, please visit our website:

  • Students must have their hair done properly for each class.  If you don’t know how, please ask the teacher for instruction.

  • Students are not allowed to wear jewelry or watches while in class.

  • Students are to arrive at least 5 minutes before class so that they are prepared for class. If they arrive more than 5 minutes late they will not be able to take class.  One reason is because it is unsafe to enter a class late and jump in when you are not warmed up.

  • Students need to be picked up promptly after class.  For safety, each dancers ride needs to be parked before the dancer exits the studio.  Dancers are not allowed to wait outside for their ride.

  • Street shoes are not allowed on the dance studio flooring.

  • No food/drinks (other than water) or chewing gum is allowed on the dance studio floor.

  • Parents may watch classes through the windows as long as it does not become disruptive to the class. In class observation is at the discretion of the instructor.

  • Students and all family members need to be under parental supervision when not in the studio.  Children are not allowed to peruse the property unattended.

  • Please keep the noise level in the waiting room to a minimum when classes/rehearsals are in session.

  • Sweater warm ups are allowed only in cold weather, must be form-fitting and must be removed when requested by the instructor.

  • Students must attend class regularly or they may be taken out of the class.  Please respect the fact that there are dancers on the waitlist.

  • Attention should be directed towards the instructor at all times.

  • Finish each exercise in the instructed stance and remain until the music is completely finished.

  • Absolutely no hanging on the barre.

  • Sitting down is allowed only with the expressed permission of the instructor.

  • Learn and assimilate the exercises quickly in order to receive the most out of the class. This is an art in itself and must be practiced.

  • Pay attention to and assimilate corrections given to other individuals. If the correction is directed toward another person, apply it to your own learning.

  • When another group is dancing, prepare yourself to begin dancing as they finish.

  • When executing a combination in the center of the room that advances forward, finish the exercise and move directly to the front, then to the side before returning to the back of the room to repeat the exercise. This will allow other dancers to begin.

  • When you are finished with an exercise in the center, leave the floor as quickly as possible.

  • At the end of an exercise, move only after the last note of the music has finished ringing.

  • Give thanks to the instructor at the end of each class.

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